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Professional drivers not complying with traffic laws: Court

Professional drivers not complying with traffic laws: Court

Stringent punishment should be imposed on professional drivers who drive commercial vehicles as they seem to be irresponsible and pose a serious threat to life, a Delhi court has observed in a case of drunken driving.

The court made the observation while sending a 27-year- old youth to three days in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol without possessing valid driving licence.

“There needs to be greater sense of responsibility on the part of professional drivers who have been driving commercial vehicles to ensure that they comply with the traffic rules and the laws framed by the legislature.

“Nowadays, it has been noticed that professional drivers have been showing sense of irresponsibility and seem to be unmindful of the fact that when they are driving vehicles under the influence of liquor, it may prove to be a menace to the society,” Additional Sessions Judge Vidya Prakash said.

The judge also observed that drunken drivers should be punished strictly, saying, “it is high time now that such conduct is taken seriously and stringent punishment is imposed upon those who indulge in driving vehicles in drunken state which is proving to be fatal not only to the lives of innocent citizens using roads in Delhi but also to the passengers who are travelling in such vehicles.”

“It cannot be over looked that driving private registered car for commercial purposes under the influence of such huge quantity of liquor, poses serious threat not only to other public persons who are using the road but also to the driver himself who is under the influence of liquor,” it said.

The court, however, reduced the jail term of the convict, who had challenged a magisterial court’s order sending him to 10 days in jail, to three days noting that he was a first time offender and had shown remorse for his act.

“Considering the fact that appellant (Pal) is not shown to be previously involved in any criminal offence prior to this case and also that he is the sole bread earner of his family, the jail term of 10 days imposed upon him is considered to be on higher side,” it said, adding it cannot be overlooked that he had voluntarily pleaded guilt to the offences charged against him of his own and out of remorse.

Pal had filed an appeal against the order of a magisterial court which had sent him to jail for driving a private vehicle for commercial under the influlence of liquor, without seat belt and valid driving licence.

In his appeal against the sentence, he sought a chance to reform contending that he was a first time offender and was the sole bread earner of his family.

( Source – PTI )

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