Pune-based company fired employee for being HIV positive back job after 3 years

PUNE: A Pune-based woman was reportedly terminated by her company, after she was diagnosed with HIV+ finally got her job back and got justice from the Labour Court which ruled in the complainant’s favour and ordered the company to reinstate her in the same post she was in.

The court ordered the company to restore her in the same designation and provide the wages. The company had terminated her in 2015 after she submitted a medical document for claiming medical benefits which revealed that she was diagnosed with HIV, following which company asked her to resign on the same day.

However, the woman has claimed that she was verbally told by the company that the reason behind her removal is HIV but the documents she was provided clearly mentioned “absenteeism” as the reason. The woman further said she succumbed to the pressure of the HR department and was made to write a resignation letter as per their dictation. The woman told the court that since she was a widow, she needed the job.

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