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An engineer of Public Works Department (PWD), who developed intimacy with a woman employee after falsely promising to marry her and fathered twin daughters, has been awarded seven years jail term by a Delhi Court on rape charges.

While sentencing Delhi resident Akshay Kumar, Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat said the convict “sexually victimised” the woman, who was a divorcee, by deceitfully inducing a belief in her that he was a widower and would marry her and after the woman gave birth to his twin daughters, he started distancing himself from her.

While rejecting the Kumar’s prayer for leniency on the ground that he has to look after his children and family, the court said that “it was for the convict to think, at the time of starting sexual relations with the prosecutrix on the assurance of marriage, about his family and to consider what would happen to his wife and children, if he is sent to jail.”

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on Kumar and directed that it be given to the victim.

The court said that he has totally ignored his family during all these years when he had kept the woman as his concubine knowing fully well that he cannot marry her.

“The convict, despite being happily married and having children, overpowered by excessive erotic desire, trapped the prosecutrix, a divorcee, by offering her a private employment in his office,” the Judge said.

The court said that the convict developed intimacy with the woman by representing himself as a widower and made an assurance to marry her just to obtain her consent for establishing physical relations.

“The acts of the convict are totally unpardonable. He found a soft target in the prosecutrix (woman) who was a divorcee and socially weak and thus sexually victimized her by deceitfully inducing a belief in her that he would marry her,” the judge said.

“Besides ruining the life of the prosecutrix, the convict has thrown an additional burden of maintaining the two infant daughters upon her,” the court said.

The court had on January 15, held Kumar guilty for offence under section 376 (IPC) of IPC after noting that the consent of victim to establish physical relation with the accused was “not voluntary but a tainted one based upon misconception of fact”.

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