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Rajasthan government has issued an order saying Special Backward Classes(SBC), including Gujjars, will continue to get one per cent reservation in jobs till the matter is finally decided by the High Court.

 The one per cent reservation being given to SBCs in government jobs is out of a total five per cent quota demanded by the Gujjars and other castes under the SBC category.

 The government has on different occasions reiterated that SBC candidates would get the benefit of one per cent reservation out of 5 per cent (under the constitution limits) till their case is decided in the high court.

 The Rajasthan high court in December 2010 stayed the execution of a bill granting five per cent reservation to SBCs as it was exceeding the limit of 50 per cent and directed the state government to carry out a quantifiable data collection to justify backwardness of the castes and submit report to the state OBC commission.

 As per the direction of the high court, quantifiable data has been collected.

 Till the OBC Commission submits the report to the state government and the state government takes a policy decision as per the judgment of the high court, one per cent reservation to SBC shall continue, according to the order released yesterday.

 After the high court’s directives in 2010, the state government assured the agitating Gujjars that they would get one per cent reservation under the constitutional limit of 50 per cent quota.

Source: PTI

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