Ramjas incident: Court questions filing of plea for FIR

Ramjas incident: Court questions filing of plea for FIR
Ramjas incident: Court questions filing of plea for FIR

A Delhi court today wondered as to why a criminal complaint, seeking lodging of an FIR in the Ramjas College incident in which anti-national slogans were allegedly raised, was filed before it.

The court expressed its anguish over the complainant and said, “It’s all between students. Why are you entering into it?”

“If you are so agitated with these words and slogans, why are you again saying them in the open court? Is it expected from you to reiterate such issues and saying these things in the open court,” Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Satish Kumar Arora told complainant Vivek Garg, an advocate.

“There are so many other pertinent issues to deal with. If you are so much concerned, come in my court as a legal aid counsel or do cases pro-bono (doing legal work without any charge). Already, there is so much of pendency in courts,” the court said.

When Garg made submissions by detailing the allegations of alleged anti-national slogans being raised on campus, the court said it was not expected from him to reiterate such words in the open court.

When the counsel said the complaint was in national interest, the court remarked, “Delaying judicial process is also not in national interest.”

The CMM thereafter transferred the plea to the court of Metropolitan Magistrate Abhilash Malhotra for hearing on March 6.

During the hearing, Garg said it was a serious matter as anti-national slogans were raised at Ramjas College allegedly by members of students groups AISA and SFI and a similar incident had taken place in JNU last year which had a massive impact on the nation.

The complaint alleged “massive anti-national slogans/ activities were being carried out by leaders/ students of All India Students Association(AISA)/ Students’ Federation of India (SFI) in Ramjas College, shamelessly and openly which supported India’s enemy i.e. Pakistan. The criminal acts of accused were also boosting morale of terrorists against our country.

( Source – PTI )

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