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Once again a rape incident has shook the conscience of people. This time it is the father who raped his step daughter, the father was HIV infected. HIV is a serious disease which can kill people, the dilemma in this case whether he can be charged for attempt to murder. And another issue involved is inducing miscarriage without woman’s consent.

Judge Lau framed charges for the offence of rape, attempt to murder and inducing miscarriage without woman’s consent against the accused whose trial will begin on July 16.

The court charged him for the offence of causing miscarriage without a woman’s consent observing that he had given his step-daughter tablets leading to her miscarriage.

The court said: “It is evident that the accused himself is HIV positive and had committed rape upon his step-daughter, thereby, infecting her with the same life threatening HIV/AIDS deliberately with the intention or knowledge that under such circumstances, if by his act, the victim’s death is caused, he would be guilty of murder.”

The court also charged the victim’s friend Ashutosh Maurya with rape charging him of raping the girl at her house in north Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh village between April-August 2011.


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