Rape case: Woman faces perjury for framing relative

Rape case: Woman faces perjury for framing relative
Rape case: Woman faces perjury for framing relative

A Delhi court has initiated perjury proceedings against a woman for filing a false rape case against her brother-in-law for not selling his share of agricultural land, saying even a bare look at the testimonies of witnesses show that the man was framed in the case.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhatt said that the complainant, her mother, husband and brother told “blatant lies” to the court as well as police during the investigation.

“It is amply clear from even a bare look at testimonies of the prosecutrix, her brother, her mother and her husband, that the accused has been framed in this case falsely only for the reason that he did not agree to sell his share of agricultural land in their native village,” the judge said.

The judge, while directing the court reader to submit a perjury complaint against them, said, “This court feels duty bound to direct initiation of prosecution against prosecutrix, her mother, husband and brother under section 193 IPC for speaking blatant lie with impurity before this court during their deposition on oath.”

The court noted that in cross examination, the woman “candidly” admitted that her mother had threatened the accused that he will be implicated in a case if did not sell the land.

It also noted that the complainant and her mother admitted lodging a false rape complaint against the accused as he did not agree to sell the land.

“These candid admissions by the two material witnesses (woman and her mother) of the prosecution alone are sufficient to hold that a false complaint of rape has been lodged against the accused by none other than his own sister-in-law,” the judge said.

According to prosecution, 10 days after the woman went missing, her mother lodged a complaint on May 25.

During investigation, the woman alleged being raped by the accused repeatedly for several weeks after he forcibly took her to his village in Bihar, it said.

Later she changed her statement before the court saying she had left for the village after she had a quarrel with her husband, the court noted. The woman’s husband, mother and brother had also given contradictory statements, it said.

“There is no consistency or uniformity in any of the statements of the prosecutrix or between the testimonies of herself as well as her mother and her husband. This again gave a strong indication that all of them are stating lies after lies,” it said.

During the trial, the accused denied the allegations and said he was falsely implicated by the complainant and her mother as they wanted him to sell his agricultural land in the village.

( Source – PTI )

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