Remarks by Supreme Court Judge Arun Mishra praising PM Narendra Modi improper : Bombay Bar Association

The Bombay Bar Association on Thursday passed a resolution condemning senior judge of Supreme Court justice Arun Mishra for praising PM Narendra Modi at an international judicial conference last month. The resolution by the Bombay Bar Association comes on the heels of a similar one by the Supreme Court Bar Association. The resolution said that Bombay Bar Association deprecates the conduct of Justice Mishra for making “obsequious remarks “ which were ‘improper & unnecessary’.

On Feb 22, 2020, sitting judge of the Supreme Court justice Arun Mishra attended the inaugural ceremony of the International Judicial Conference. While delivering the vote of thanks he remarked, “India is a responsible & most friendly member of the international community under the stewardship of internationally acclaimed, visionary PM, Shri Narendra Modi.”He added: “We thank the versatile genius who thinks globally & acts locally.”

The executive committee of the Bar Association of India & Supreme Court Bar Association also reacted to his comment on the role of the judiciary. Mishra said: “All three organs of the state have to work independently but in tandem to make the democracy successful, to visualise & for effective implementation of constitutional aspirations & its values.”

On Feb 25, the executive committee expressed its concern & dismay & stated that such words, “..dilute the perception of impartiality & independence & diminishes the confidence of the general public.”

The following day on Feb 26, the Supreme Court Bar Association, in a resolution, expressed its anguish & concern regarding the remarks by justice Mishra & strongly condemned the same

The Bombay Bar Association on Thursday passed a resolution which said, “This association deprecates the conduct of a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of India making such obsequious remarks about the head of the Executive, & believes that they are both improper & unnecessary… ”.

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