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RSS moves Madras HC for permission to take out route marches

RSS moves Madras HC for permission to take out route marches

RSS has moved the Madras High Court seeking a direction to Tamil Nadu authorities to grant permission to its proposed ‘route marches’ in the state on October 9 to mark the 1000th birth anniversary of saint-philospher Sri Ramanuja.

When the petition by RSS Joint Secretary P Vijayakumar came up for admission today, the court posted the matter to October 3.

The petitioner said applications seeking permission for the rallies were sent through registered post to the authorities concerned after they did not accept them in person on September 13. But, till date there was no response from the authorities.

He alleged that authorities were granting permission to other political parties and organisations to hold public meetings and rallies at these venues, but when it came to RSS, they were acting in a “prejudiced manner” by denying it the permission.

Noting that October 9 was a Sunday and hence the question of the meeting and rally causing hindrance to public would not arise, he said police has power to regulate processions and meetings, but has no power to totally forbid such activities.

The petition said, “RSS is not a banned organisation, instead it is a patriotic, nationalistic and cultural outfit patronised by a vast majority of people in India.”

The procession is being planned and permitted in every state including Jammu and Kashmir, he said, adding, “It is unfortunate that only in our state, authorities are not giving permission to conduct the peaceful procession.”

The petitioner also submitted that RSS cadres participating in the procession will be wearing white shirts and olive brown full trousers, and would be accompanied by music band.

( Source – PTI )

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