SC Collegium recommends transfer of Uttrakhand and Karnataka High Court Judge

In its meeting held on 5th, March 2020, the Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the transfer of Uttrakhand High Court Judge, Justice Alok Singh to Allahabad High Court.

While the transfer of the Karnataka High Court Judge Justice S.N. Satyanarayana was recommended on 24th Feb 2020. It was put up on the website on a later date.

Apart from these two, the Collegium has previously recommended transferring Delhi High Court Judge Justice Muralidhar to Punjab and Haryana High Court, Bombay High Court Judge Justice Ranjit More to Meghalaya High Court and Karnataka High Court Judge Justice Ravi Vijayakumar Malimath to Uttarakhand High Court.

The transfer of Justice Muralidhar caught controversy. He has taken up oath as Punjab and Haryana High Court Judge after Government notified his transfer amid the recent Delhi Violence

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