SC orders ban on Maharashtra construction

NEW DELHI: In an embarrassment to the Maharashtra government the Supreme Court order banning construction activity in States those do not have a solid waste management policy should not apply to Maharashtra, said Nitin Kareer, the State’s Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department.

The SC on Friday imposed a stay on all construction in Maharastra and slapped a fine of Rs 3 lakh on the state for not framing a policy for solid waste management.  There are two parts to this order. The first is regarding States that had not followed up on the court’s earlier order. The second directive pertains to States that do not have a solid waste management policy in place.

The ban is likely to hit Mumbai, one of the biggest real estate markets in India and the timely delivery of housing projects. It is also a double whammy for the city as it had faced a similar ban on new construction projects after a high court order in 2016. The ban on new projects was lifted in March 2018 by the SC for six months.

Meanwhile, builders in Chandigarh expressed concern that the ban may drive up property prices in the city. This, according to real estate consultants, could be a double-edged sword.

The state government has now decided to intervene in the matter next week, ahead of the hearing on October 9, to file its affidavit, apologise to the court and get the ban lifted.

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