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Here in Delhi Supreme Court bar association election 2012 (SCBA) has been done successfully after the victory of Senior Advocate MN Krishnamani.

Senior advocate MN Krishnamani Won by 136 Votes in Supreme Court bar association election 2012.

In between this elections (SCBA) president PH Parekh did not run for the Supreme Court Bar Association election offices again this time.

Even Senior advocates Adish Aggarwala, Ram Jethmalani and PK Jain who had also filed their nominations for the post had withdrawn their candidature last week.

Senior advocate Rupinder Singh Suri has been defeated  by MN Krishnamani about 136 votes.

1340 advocate participated in the election in which 547 members voted for Krishnamani. Senior advocate Rajiv Dutta, also an incumbent for the post, won 200 votes.

Senior advocate Vasdev Kailash was elected the vice-president leaving behind seven other candidates, and advocate Pareena Swarup was elected the secretary to the body, out of 13 incumbents for the post.

For the first time, only advocates who had appeared at least 50 times before the Supreme Court and had not voted in the elections of any other bar association in the country were allowed to vote in the Supreme Court Bar Association elections.

The Voting Process had casted from 9 am until 4:30 pm yesterday electronically.

158 Supreme Court lawyers were vying for 21 posts in the Supreme Court Bar Association elections executive committee, relying on 1372 expected votes according to the eligible voters’ list released for the Supreme Court Bar Association elections (SCBA) elections this time.

The other new office bearers include: Advocate Sandeep Singh as assistant secretary, advocate VK Biju as treasurer, and advocate Neeraj Kumar Sharma as assistant treasurer.

Total eleven members contested for the post of senior executive members, while senior advocates Anoop George Chaudhari, K Radhakrishnan, SB upadhyay, Pallav Shishodia, Brijendar chahr and Bhim Singh won.

As executive members out of the 53 who were contested in election only Advocate Bina Madhavan, Advocate C. S. Ashri, Advocate Asha G. Nair, Advocate Pijush Kanti Roy, Advocate Vikrant Yadav, Advocate Vikas Bansal, Advocate Devashish Bharuka, Advocate Meenesh Kumar Dubey and Advocate Aftab Ali Khan won.

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  1. shanker pai

    congratulations to
    Senior Advocate MN Krishnamani
    and all the members elected .
    also best wishes to the defeated members .
    let us make ‘ Supreme Court bar association ‘ a model for India and the world .
    shanker pai
    s.s.pai & co advocates high court ,


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