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The central government will launch a scheme to compensate rape victims from August 1, an official statement said on Tuesday. “The scheme has been approved and the budget has been provided. Now it has been decided to launch the scheme (for rape victims) on Aug 1,” women and child development minister Krishna Tirath said.

The scheme will aim to provide restorative justice to rape victims through financial assistance as well as support services.

“While no amount of financial assistance can adequately compensate for the injury, both physical and emotional, faced by the rape victim, this scheme is an attempt to enable her to cope with the trauma and tide over her long-term needs,” a ministry official said.

The scheme provides an amount of Rs 200,000 for the victim which may be increased to Rs 300,000 in certain cases, like the rape of a minor or of a mentally or physically challenged woman.



3 Responses to “Scheme to compensate rape victims from Aug 1”

  1. bharat

    30% rape cases are reported to be false by police after investigation.60% of the accused are acquitted after trial.false rape cases are increasing in india as seen in US and western countries. if rape victims are financially compensated why not the male victims of false rape accusation are not compensated atleast financially in same manner in this scheme itself.

  2. msrao

    Monetary compensation is no good solace for rape victims.Rather it will complicate the police enquiry,judicial process,and false litigations to extract money.unfortunately the fair sex is always taken to be true and honest.this wrong assumption needs to be reviewed and corrobarated with every scientific evidence before conclusion .The over sympathetic attitude of the courts may be exploited


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