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Now Sikh students studing in the schools run by the National Heritage Academies in US can carry a ‘Kirpan’, on school time.

United Sikhs, a Sikh Organisation Group has advocated to NHA, the National Heritage Academies (NHA), which runs nearly 61 schools in the states of Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Ohio, to allow Sikh students to carry a ‘Kirpan’ in the school.

It all started after a Sikh student Sukhmeet Kaur, in the 8th grade, was ordered by school authorities to remove her ‘Kirpan’ during school hours or not to come to school.

After this incident her father Gobinder Singh, approached United Sikh organisation, the United Sikhs’ legal team wrote to the school, the Endeavour Charter Academy at Springfield in Michigan.

Gobinder Singh said “It really affects a child’s growth when they cannot practise their faith freely,”

“It is important for my daughter to have her freedom of religion, especially since she made her own commitment to become amrit-dhari last year.”

Under this restrictions the National Heritage Academies students are required to inform school administration before carrying the ‘Kirpan’ to school. The student and their parents are also required to sign an agreement that acknowledges that they will abide by the restrictions.

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