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No one knows who is behind it but an SMS doing the rounds is urging the people to join Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption. However, the organisers of the movement say they have nothing to do with it.

“Dear Indian,” the SMS reads, “it is time to fight rampant corruption in India. Anna has taken the lead show your support now. Join Annas Army. For updates sms JOIN ANNA to 09219592195”.

A phone call to the number elicted the response: “This number does not exist, Please check the number you have dialled.”

Some people did respond to the SMS.

“I thought the SMS came from the organisers, so I replied,” said Shashi Gupta, a housewife who was closely following the developments since Anna Hazare began a fast-unto-death last Tuesday to press for a more anti-graft. He broke the fast after 97 hours Saturday when the government accepted his demand.

Organisers of India Against Corruption movement, the banner under which Hazare is conducting his stir, denied having any knowledge about the SMS.

“We haven’t started any SMS campaign as yet and have no knowledge about it,” one of the organisers said.

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