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The teenaged son of a renowned Chinese tenor, who was allegedly involved in a gang-rape case, stood trial in a Beijing district court Wednesday.

Five men were detained Feb 20 after a woman surnamed Yang reported to the police that she was taken to a hotel and gang-raped after drinking with the men in a bar Feb 17, Xinhua reported.

Police insiders, who refused to be named, said the son of Li Shuangjiang, dean of the music department of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts, is among the five suspects.

The Beijing Haidian District People’s Procuratorate filed rape charges against the five suspects July 8.During two meetings held before the trial, lawyers of the five suspects and the victim disagreed on whether it was a gang-rape or a case of prostitution.

Junior Li’s mother, Meng Ge, had applied to make the trial a public hearing, but her application was overruled by the court.

Since the case involves juveniles, whose privacy is protected by law, the trial would be heard in private sessions, the court said.

Tian Canjun, lawyer of the victim, told Xinhua earlier that the girl is under great psychological stress and has been hospitalised. She will not participate in the trial.

(Source: IANS)

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