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This scam puts all other scams put together to shame, remarked the Supreme Court on Wednesday during the hearing of the case, filed by the Centre for Public Interest Litigation on the 2G spectrum allocation. A Bench, comprising Justice G S Singhvi and Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, made its displeasure known at so many things going wrong in the country, including the rule of law.

“Former Kerala DGP convicted after 40 years; It is a complete collapse of the system. The government doesn’t have the willingness to create courts. It doesn’t have the willingness to appoint public prosecutors. In this state of affairs, people would be left in the lurch,” the Bench said.

“No wonder, the people would take law into their hands,” it observed. Resuming his arguments, senior counsel K K Venugopal, appearing for the CBI told the apex court that he was agreeable to a court-monitored probe into the issue.

As the Bench felt that the scam was of considerable magnitude, senior counsel said he was willing for a court-monitored probe wherein the CBI would submit status reports once in six weeks or eight weeks and the investigation would be completed by March. But, the court should make it clear that no aspersions shall be cast on the investigative agency, he added.

However, Prashant Bhushan, counsel for the Centre for Public Interest Litigation, which filed the petition alleging the scam, told the Bench that two retired police officers of impeccable integrity should be entrusted with the probe.

This was vehemently opposed by Venugopal. He said, If that was the case, he would argue the matter on Thursday at length to convince the Bench.

Prashant Bhushan told the Bench that the CBI had received the money trail in the scam and it goes upto the then Minister A Raja. “If you ask the investigative officer, he will tell you. And the government is making P J Thomas, who was responsible for the wrong allocation of 2G spectrum when he was the Telecom Secretary as the Central Vigilance Commissioner. If he heads the CVC, will the facts come out,” he asked.

The arguments were inconclusive and will be taken up again on Thursday

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    In spctrum case Raja said each and every act run from the P.M. P.M. is scientific economist. It shows that Manmohan is Main Mohan in this scientific curruption. He know the fact of curruption as he is lauded economist. P.M. office entire currpted as per the view expresed by the Raja. Entire acts known by the P.M. along with Raja P.M. also suspended from the post. Then only it will clarify.

    No information available in the net it shows that P.M. secretised the issue. If it is available it will be spread like any thing to quit frm the office.


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