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The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that the state was the biggest land grabber, depriving farmers of their livelihood for generations.

The apex court bench of Justice G S Singhvi and Justice A K Ganguly said that farmers’ lands were being acquired in the name of public interest and being given to builders to construct luxury houses, which had nothing to do with the requirement of the common man.

The court made the comment during the hearing on a batch of petitions by a number of builders challenging the Allahabad High Court verdict that quashed the takeover of land in three villages of Shahberi, Surajpur and Gulistanpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida . The land was taken over by invoking emergency provisions of the Land Acquisition Act.

Justice Singhvi said farmers deprived of livelihood after the acquisition of their lands were left with two options – either to live in slums or to take recourse to criminal activities which we get to witness everyday.

The hearing would continue on Wednesday.

One Response to “State biggest land grabber: Supreme Court of India”

  1. Dinesh

    SC must put BAN on Land acquisitions in every States land grabed for Commercial and Residential purpose. Just slamming the THICK SKIN Politicians is not the only solution. This Corrupt and Looter Politicians belongs to TIHAR when they grab lands of poor farmers on the name of Development and sell it in Black Market with Builder’s nexus. SIT must be formed to investigate all LAND MAFIA POLITICIANS. Seems CHAMBAL DACOITS are active in UP and Indian Politics, hence now we don’t see Dacoits in Chambal but only in Rajya Shabha’s and Parliament. Syndicate of Scamsters, Cheaters, Looters, Sinisters, Criminals of India now are found only in one mask known as Political Leaders who are now emerging as Departmental Mafia.


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