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sumes dewanSumes Dewan (Desai & Diwanji (D&D) Delhi head and corporate partner) started up a new law firm last week after leaving D&D two months ago.

With a team of 15 lawyers including himself Lex Favios has offices in Bombay and Delhi. Some prominent lawyers who are a part of this new law firm are Yeshika Dublish, Indranil Ghosh, Sandeep Menon and others. Most of the lawyers in Lex Favios are those who have worked with Mr. Sumes Dewan in different law firms.

The firm in Delhi will focus on real estate, capital markets and private equity and Bombay office will focus on banking sector.

The present clients of Lex Favious include Infodrive Software, Uflex Limited , Intercontinental Hotels chain. The firm is also representing a consortium of five countries which form the West Africa Investment Forum. At present the firm will focus on the banking practice and the finance practice which will be co ordinated from Bombay Office.

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