Supreme Court Grants Bail to Convict in Swami Saraswati Murder case

Supreme Court has granted bail to Bijaya Kumar Sanseth, one of the seven convicted in the murder case of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati.

A bench of Justice Khanwilkar and Justice Maheshwari has passed the order in the case titled as BIJAYA KUMAR SANASETH vs THE STATE OF ODISHA on 22.07.2019.

Supreme Court observed and directed “Considering the fact that the accused-appellant (Bijaya Kumar Sanaseth S/o Salei Sanaseth) had already undergone ten years of his sentence and taking an over-all view of the matter, we are of the opinion that the above-named accusedappellant should be released on bail on such conditions as may be imposed by the learned Additional Sessions Judge, Phulbani in S.T. No.16/18 of 2013-2009. We order accordingly”.

In the courtse, the SC also set aside HC order as “The order dated 04.12.2018 passed by the High Court is set aside and the appeals are accordingly allowed”.

Be it noted that he is the second convict to be released on bail in the case. Earlier, SC had granted Gornath Chalanseth bail on grounds that the Odisha high court kept deferring their bail appeals for more than two years.


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