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The Supreme Court Monday declined to suspend for now the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s verdict quashing 4.5 percent sub-quota for minorities within 27 percent reservation for Other Backward Castes (OBC).

An Supreme court bench of Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan and Justice J.S. Khehar declined to suspend the operation of the high court verdict, saying the central government has not placed any material to back up its prayer.

However, the court adjourned the hearing till Wednesday after Attorney General G. Vahanvati told the court that he would place before it the relevant material.

Before adjourning the hearing, the court pulled up the central government for issuing office memorandum providing for 4.5 percent sub-quota within 27 percent OBC reservation for the OBC without undertaking any detailed exercise.

The court asked the Attorney General whether the matter was put up before the National Commission for Backward Communities and the National Commission for Minorities prior to ear-marking 4.5 percent sub-quota.

As Attorney General Vahanvati assailed the high court order, the court told him, “How can you fault the high court when you did not place relevant material before it?”

The high court on May 28 quashed the 4.5 percent sub-quota created through the issuance of an office memorandum Dec 22, 2011. The court had observed that the issuance of the office memorandum for creating the sub-quota was rooted in religious basis than any other constitutional consideration.


2 Responses to “Supreme Court refuses to suspend order on minority sub-quota”

  1. Surya Prakash

    This is purely political strategy and appeasement of minorities. The said announcement was made just 24 hours before the Election Commission issued notification for UP Assembly Elections. What is the rationality of reducing the reservations to OBCs from 27% to 22.5% whose population is 55%-60% of the total population of India. These OBCs are the service and artisan communities who are struggling to make both ends to meet. Except Lallu and Mulayam Yadavs, the OBCs so far never occupied any important positions. There are no OBC industrialists. So far there is no President or Vice-President of Supreme Court CJ or Justices. What is the scientific basis for reduction of reservations to OBCs. It is only a matter of time that Congress will pay a heavy price for this misadventure. UP already taught lesson, now it is for the rest of India.


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