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A Panjab University (PU) history teacher has issued a legal notice to 17 students of his department asking them to take back their complaint filed against him of deliberately failing them.

A Few days back, 17 students of the history department had given a written complaint to the dean for university instructions (DUI) against Surinder Singh, in which they charged that he had deliberately failed them for the second time in the same exam.

Following this Surinder Singh sent a legal notice to the students, urging them to take back their complaint within 15 days.

“I had checked over 120 answer books and I do not even know the names of these 17 students. I had given marks on the basis of what was written in the answer books. I am ready to give a thorough explanation about the marks given to each question. They are just trying to create pressure and bully us,” Singh told  Sunday.

He added: “Therefore, I have sent them legal notice through my lawyer to withdraw the complaint within 15 days otherwise I will file a defamation case and claim damages of Rs.10 lakh from each student for maligning my image. They have attempted to tamper my image as a teacher and it would put a very bad example before my colleagues and other students.”

The Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) leaders have come forward in support of the students.

Singh said that the students have been misguided by the political leaders of the university campus who are trying to take mileage out of this issue.

Rajiv Lochan, chairperson of history department, said: “I cannot comment on this issue at the moment. We have called an emergency meeting with the faculty members and students to discuss this issue on tomorrow (Monday).”

“Our teacher has deliberately failed us as he does not like us. He is trying to settle his personal scores,” a student told , not wanting his identity to be revealed

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