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The Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the Andhra Pradesh government and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi ( TRS) on a petition complaining that normal activities in the state have come to a standstill due to the Telangana agitation.

An supreme court bench headed by Justice G.S. Singhvi also issued notice to the registrar general of the state high court and the Andhra Pradesh Bar Council on the petitioner’s allegation that judicial activities have been adversely affected by the protests.

The court sought a report by the high court on the disruption of judicial work in the state in the wake of an agitation by a section of lawyers.

One Response to “Telangana: Supreme Court notice on plea against agitation”

  1. vijay

    The citizen is entitled to know what report High Court of AP was sent to the apex court as the party in person himself is a witness into hooliganism in the Court by the lawyers of the Hon’ble Court complex at Hyderabad. The lawyers broke down the furniture and hit the persons who protested. They (lawyers) also did not allow any of the willing lawyers to enter the court premises. Moreover the Police of the State had facilitated the unruly lawyers with the seating arrangements. A number of lawyers though interested to represent their clients, were not allowed inside. Whoever was wearing black coat were not only allowed, but they entered the court halls, banged the tables provided for the facility of the counsels and created a sort of terror among the people who were summoned and even the Judicial officers were scared. There is no rule of law in the premises of the Courts. It appears, no supervision of
    the police force. It is also noted that the Court staff were also terrorized by the goondas, allegedly engaged by TRS supported and aided such incidents. Naturally the sufferers are public but not the lawyers. In a similar situation NBW also was issued by the Judicial officer. Who cares? The public who protest such attitude are manhandled or other-wise threatened. It is law unto themselves. We have elected such Govt. It is the fate of citizens. This citizen is also not aware of what is the W.P./PIL Number on which the Hon’ble Court has been investigating or atleast monitor what is happening. It appears everything is secret or for a price in India. This is the legal system in India.


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