Terrorism No Peripheral Problem For Southeast Asia: PM Modi at ASEAN

In the shadow of the recent attacks in Paris, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the importance of countering terrorism in southeast Asia at the ASEAN summit today.

Terrorism is no longer a peripheral problem for the region, he said his address at the 10th East Asia Summit that’s being held in Malaysia.

“The barbaric terrorist strikes in Paris, Ankara, Beirut, Mali and on the Russian aircraft is a stark reminder that its shadow stretches across our societies and our world, both in recruitment and choice of targets,” he said.
There should be a global resolve and new strategies to combat terror without reference to “political considerations,” he said.

“There is no distinction between groups. There are n sanctuaries. There are no funds. There is no access to arms,” he said.

Terror had cast its shadow in the recently held G20 summit in Turkey, with the migrant crisis in Europe and the war in Syria occupying the limelight.

PM Modi had presented a 10-point global strategy to combat terror, in which he had spoken out on the importance of isolating countries that support and sponsor terror “as an instrument of state policy”.

He had also said there should not only be a crackdown on arms supply financing, but also a social movement involving religious leaders, thinkers and opinion makers targeted at youth.

Elsewhere, he had spoken of the importance of having a clear definition of terror, adding, in an apparent dig at Pakistan, “They can’t distinguish between good terrorism and bad terrorism in our world.”

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