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Transgender community which is a sidelined community, people see them with hated view, always deprive of all the facilities which a human being and a citizen of india is entitled to. But it seems that Tamil Nadu government took note of their plight and announced of introducing a scheme to provide them with a monthly dole of Rs 1000.

 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said that according to the proposed “Pension Scheme for Destitute Transgenders”, impoverished members of the community aged over 40 years will be eligible for a monthly dole of Rs 1000.

Rs 1.17 crore has been allotted for this proposal of transgenders, a release of state government said.

 Further, on the issue of “smoke-free” kitchens in over 54,000 Anganwadi Centres that serve noon-meal to around 31 lakh benificiaries including children and aged,government will implement the second phase of efforts in this regard at a cost of Rs 3.20 crore. This scheme includes installing LPG cylinders and using pressure cookers and 5000 such centres will be covered. Already the initiative has been implemented across 16,645 Anganwadi centre, the release added.

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