Uniform civil code not desirable: Law Commission

NEW DELHI: The Law Commission said that  Uniform Civil Code is “neither necessary nor desirable” at this stage the Law Commission of India has argued for reform of family laws of every religion through amendments and codification of certain aspects so as to make it gender-just.

Law Commission, suggested changes in laws relating to marriage, divorce, alimony, and marriageable age for men and women. After the Shah Banu case that rocked the state in 1990s, the discussion on implementation of the uniform civil code has always triggered a heated debate in the country.

Panel Chairman Justice BS Chauhan had earlier hinted towards a similar approach when he was asked about recommending a uniform civil code. Chauhan had suggested gradual changes in the personal laws. The panel added that diversity of Indian culture should be celebrated, but specific groups, or weaker sections of the society must not be “disprivileged in the process”. “Resolution of this conflict does not mean abolition of difference.

This comes at a time when a bill to ban the practice of instant triple talaq or ‘talaq-e-biddat’ is pending in Rajya Sabha despite having been passed in Lok Sabha.

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