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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has demanded an apology from actor Aamir Khan for sending a “wrong message” about the medical community in his programme “Satyamev Jayate”. But lyricist Javed Akhtar doesn’t approve of it and calls it a “sick” decision.

“The Indian Medical association wants Aamir to apologise for exposing corruption in their profession. That is really sick,” Akhtar posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

After highlighting social issues like female foeticide and dowry, Aamir, in the fourth episode of his show, put the spotlight on healthcare and malpractices in the medical profession.

Reacting to the episode, an umbrella body of 21 medical institutions Wednesday asked the actor to apologise.

“It is not Aamir Khan but some immoral dishonest greedy and corrupt doctors who are insulting the medical profession and many honest doctors,” wrote Akthar

2 Responses to “Why should Aamir apologise, asks Javed Akhtar”

  1. chandru sharma

    there used to be a similar program – hugely popular ‘rajni’ starring priya tendulakr. those days tv was not such a powerful medium and people were not used to protesting at each and everything. may be the society was more tolerant too!

  2. amendra kumar

    amir never in his program said that all the doctors are bad or doing wrong rather he included some doctors/pathologist who are doing there job with great professional responsibility. but despite of that if some are accusing that amir showed all doctors as bad or defamed doctors community absolutely, they are really bad and sick for not understanding that in every profession some are bad and some are good and doctors are not exception to that what amir exactly showed in program.


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