Will miss Delhi High Court: Chief Justice Dipak Misra

‘I would like to be a judge of Delhi High Court again,’ said Delhi High Court’s Chief Justice Dipak Misra Wednesday at a farewell function held following his elevation to the Supreme court.


‘If I had to be born once more and to be a judge, I would like to be a judge in the Delhi High Court because there is nothing like it,’ said the outgoing chief justice.


Chief Justice Misra, who hails from Orissa, was elevated to the Supreme court Friday. He is likely to take charge in the Supreme Court by mid-October.


Chief Justice Misra was appointed to the high court May 24 last year. During his tenure, the court decided over 5,000 cases.


To bid farewell to Chief Justice Misra, Justice A.K. Sikri, the senior-most judge of the high court, initiated the full court reference and hailed his pro-citizen approach.


Delhi High Court Bar Association president A.S. Chandhiok said that because of Chief Justice Misra’s efforts the court got its own mediation centre and lok adalats.

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