Format of Will Affidavit for Property

Format of Will Affidavit for Property

affidavitI, _________ son of _________ resident of _________, do hereby revoke all my previous Will, codicils and testimonies whatsoever and do hereby executed this as my last Will and Testament which has been executed by me at the age of about __ years. I am executing this Will in sound state of mind after having giving full thoughts and wishes as to how my moveable and immoveable assets should be deal with and I am therefore, making this my last Will and testament. It will take effect after my demise.

WHEREAS, I am owner in possession of _________, area measuring ____ Sq., Yards _________,  _________ consisting _____ rooms, ____ store, ____ kitchen, ____ lobby, ____ toilet/baths, ____ drawing room and ____ garage on ____ floor, and the same construction on ____ floor vide Deed of Conveyance bearing its document No. ____ dated _____ registered in the office of ________.
AS I have now advanced in age and I am not keeping fit and not in good health and I have thought it proper to make an Will, Voluntarily while in full senses, I hereby declare that all above mentioned property are self acquired and at the time of making this Will I am in full senses. I have ____ sons their named _____, ____. That I executing this Will that I will be the owner in possession of the above said property i.e.________ till my death and after my death the said property goes in favour of my _________ sons _________ son of _________ __% and _____ and _____, __%. That my above said _____ sons will have no right to let out the said premises and not to use the said premises for _____ purpose.
PREVIOUSLY I had executed and got registered the Will regarding the same property vide document No. _____ dated _____registered in the office of _____ and second Will bearing its document No. _____ dated _____ registered in the office of _____ and both the said Wills would stand cancelled /revoked as this is the last and final Will/Testament being executed by me
WHEREAS, I am anxious to make necessary arrangement in respect of the enjoyment of my assets after my life time so that unnecessary misunderstanding or dispute between my family members be avoided, therefore, I am executing this my last Will and Testament of mine of my own free Will voluntarily, without any compulsions or pressure of any person and with a sound disposing mind and declare as follows:
WHEREAS, I hereby declare that after my death my _____ (mentioned above) will be the absolute and undisputed owners of the above mentioned property as per their shares.
That the property will not be sold till all the concerned parties agreed mutually. There will not be any trespassing in each other’s privacy and comfort and _____ have the right to construct second floor and stay there if he wishes to and no lease and renting of this property is allowed. No body is allowed to do any such activity which may disturb the peace of others. All major repairs of the house will be done by all the beneficiaries equally.
I have executed this Will on this _____ at _____ in the presence of the under mentioned two witnesses. Who have in my presence and in their presence of one another appended their signatures hereunder as witnesses to the execution of the above Will

We , the under mentioned two witnesses do hereby confirm that the above Will was executed by _____ in our presence and both of our have in his presence and in the presence of one another appended our signature to this Will as attesting witnesses.

1- ________ S/o _______ R/o _______
2- ________ S/o _______ R/o _______

Format of Affidavit for Property Death Claim

Format of Affidavit for Property Death Claim 

affidavitI ________ aged ________  years Son/daughter/widow of Late ________ Resident of ________  hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: –

1.    That I am ________  of Late ________  Son of ________  who was working as a ________  expired on ________.
2.    That Late ________ had left the following member behind him.

Sl. No. Name Age Relationship with deceased

3.    That I am the legal heir of Late ________ and natural guardian of my ________ children mentioned at ________ above.
4.    That I am the only ________  of Late ________.
5.    That I am entitled for payment of ________ /- (________ Only) out of the fund.
6.    That apart of the family members indicated in para no. – ________  above, there is no ________ family member heir of Late ________.
7.    That it is established that I have concealed/suppressed any facts that I will be squarely responsible for the including the refund/recovery of Benevolent fund recovered by me.



Verified at ________ on ________ that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to best of my knowledge and belief.


1. ________
2. ________