Converting or changing case to other Section

Converting or changing case to other Section 

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatIN THE COURT OF _____

In the matter of:

_____     Versus      _____

Petition Under Section_____ of the __________ Act for a _____

Application for Converting the above mentioned petition into Section _____of the _____


The applicant/Petitioner respectfully submits as under:-

1-    That the above noted case is pending in this Hon’ble Court and is fixed for today.
2-    That the applicant/Petitioner filed the present petition in this Hon’ble court for a _____ on the grounds of _____
3-    That so many efforts and conciliation meetings was done but to no use and the behavior of the respondent was very cruel towards the applicant/petitioner.
4-    That now the Petitioner and the respondent have mutually agreed for filing a petition Under Section _____ of the _____ Act for a_____ by mutual consent due to due to their own sweets will.
5-    That no fruitful purpose will be served if the case is lingered on, particularly when both the parties have reached to an amicable settlement for taking divorce by way of mutual consent and there is no prejudice to any body for converting the said case Under Section _____of the _____.

It is, therefore, prayed that the application of the applicant/Petitioner may kindly be accepted and the permission for converting the above mentioned petition into Section _____ of the _____ may kindly be granted in the interest of justice.


Through counsel
_____ Advocate, _____