Examination of Section 66A of the Information Technology Act

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Technology changes the dimension of the society. Obscenity in electronic form, morphing  of images, defamation, text bullying, stalking, spamming, unsolicited emails, criminal intimidation, extortion, public mischief, insult, threat to cause injury have penetrated in this modern society with the help of cyber technology. Under this back drop the legislative body incorporated section 66 A under… Read more »

Media & Tort of Defamation

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Freedom of Media One of the paradoxes is that Freedom of the Media to which our Founding Fathers were greatly attached finds no mention in Part III of our Constitution which guarantees certain fundamental rights. There is no specific guarantee of Freedom of the Media as in the Constitutions of other countries. In the course… Read more »

TRIAL BY MEDIA-“a legal dilemma”

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RAJ PRASHAR Introduction The media is the gatekeeper and watch dog of the society. The media acts as multifaceted institution with multiple activities. It takes the message simultaneously from all the parties involved and builds the opinion on an issue,with definitely threatens the establishment from violating rights with the growth of the number of news… Read more »