Constitution and morality Parliamentary Contradictions Over FDI

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By AmbaCharanVashishth THE illustrious framers of our Constitution were men of character, morality, intelligence and farsightedness in their own right. Their singular consideration was the interest and future of the nation, and nothing else. Although more than 80 per cent ~ maybe even more ~ of the members of the Constituent Assembly belonged to the […]

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FDI In Indian Retail Sector

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 1. SUMMARY The white paper highlights several sustainable development issues, in addition to the economic aspects, arising out of a possible FDI in Indian retail sector. Public policy regarding the retail sector is crucial because it is the second employment provider in the economy after agriculture. Various purported benefits of FDI in retail and large […]

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Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector – An Analysis

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BY:-Pulkit Agarwal  Esha Tyagi   Introduction Just back from first frenzied shopping experience in the UK, a four year old ever-inquisitive daughter asked to her father, “Why do we not have a Harrods in Delhi? Shopping there is so much fun!” Simple question for a four-year-old, but not so simple for her father to explain. […]

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