Aerial Hijacking and the International Law

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INTRODUCTION International terrorism has become a topic of international significance over the years since it affects, directly or indirectly the other States or their affairs. International terrorism can be defined as terror inspiring violence containing an international element that is against non-combatant civilians, States or internationally pro-tested persons or entities in order to achieve political… Read more »

The Use of Force against Terrorism: Does International Law fall Victim

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Post 9/11 ‘use of force’ in international law and much of the
understandings towards it has undergone great evolution. The
international world is at the hinge of the history as many of the old regime falls and new threats emerge. The challenges this have created for the traditional system have been unparalleled. The ghastly act of bombing… Read more »

The Status of International Law under the Constitution of India

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Introduction The status of International Law within a municipal legal system is generally determined by the Constitution of a State or Municipal Law. This article attempts to shed light on the Status of International Law under the Constitution of India. Unlike France, United States, Germany and some modern Constitutions that provide relatively clear provisions for… Read more »