Intoxication Not A Mitigating Factor When Accused Was Not In A Highly Inebriated Condition: SC

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                                     It has been most rightly remarked by the Supreme Court most recently on December 13, 2019 in a latest, landmark and extremely laudable judgment titled Suraj Jagannath Jadhav vs State of Maharashtra in Criminal Appeal No. 1885 of 2019 that, “Mere intoxication is not a mitigating factor factor when accused was not in a […]

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Crime & Punishment

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CRIME on the OFFENCE JUSTICE on the DEFENCE India, no doubt, is a great country. It has a great system of criminal jurisprudence in which an individual/group has a right to commit a crime, heinous included, to run away from the scene of crime and, if caught, the right to claim he is innocent. This […]

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