Format of General Power of Attorney for Property

Format of General Power of Attorney for Property

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatThis General Power of Attorney is made on this    _____:-

By:-  _____ son of _____ R/o _____ at present R/o _____ (hereinafter called the Executant), do hereby constitute and appoint nominate   _____ son of _____ R/o _____ (hereinafter called the General Attorney holder).

Whereas I was previously partner of _____, _____   vide partnership deed) dated _____ and because I am presently residing at _____ hence I am unable to appear before the court of _____ in the case titled as _____ VERSUS  _____  now fixed for _____. for the tenancy of _____, _____
AND WHEREAS now I am personally unable to look after the case as I am residing In _____ and being _____ person from the partnership firm _____   so I have give my all powers of the said case in favour of said _____ son of _____, _____ in the following manner

1.    To manage, control, look after and supervise the _____ as my said attorney may deems fit and proper.
2.    To appear before any authority or office of _____ in connection with the dealings of the  said _____
3.    To appear in the court of  _____ in the case titled as _____VERSUS  _____  and to adduce evidence. Withdraw the case, settle the matter with the other party , to arrive at a compromise and other necessary actions as required for the proper disposal of the case.
4.    To engage the counsel sign and verify any document for and on behalf of me or on behalf of the said firm as the requirement of the same may be.
5.    To execute sign, present and verify all such papers documents, such as Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, etc. for me in my name and or my behalf pertaining to sole and transfer of the said property.
6.    To deposit all fee, dues installments, and other charges to the concerned authority /authorities on my behalf. To pay the rent of the said shop in question to the landlord
7.    To pay all necessary dues and charges remaining or further to the authority/ies concerned on demands.
8.    To file any suit complaint, petition, revision, written statement, pertaining to any matters of the said property/land.
9.    To apply for arrange mutation, charges, entries in all concerned official records of aforesaid property as may be deemed appropriate.
10.    Generally to do all acts, deeds and things for me in my name on my behalf in respect of my said property as my said attorney may deems it proper.
And all acts, deeds and things done my   said attorney shall be binding on me in all respects IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have signed this GPA in the presence of the following witnesses.
NOTE  That the cutting on Pages No.1 , 2 & 3 are within my knowledge which is of _____. after the word _____.



Format of Power of Attorney for Bank Authority


Format of Power of Attorney for Bank Authority
Format of Power of Attorney for Bank Authority

KNOW ALL men these present that We, (1) _____ (2) _____  (3) all sons/daughters of late _____ son of _____ All resident of _____, do hereby  appoint our mother _____ as our Attorney in our name and on our behalf  to do or execute  all or of the acts or things.

Whereas late _____ has with the following accounts with _____ Bank,  _____.
Whereas he has expired on _____, leaving behind the following legal heirs.
(1_____ (2) _____ (3) _____ all sons/daughters of late _____ son of _____ & (4) _____widow of late _____All resident of _____,


And whereas we cannot present ourselves to receive our share in the said amount and give discharge to the Bank.

By virtue of this Power of Attorney, the same nominated Attorney will do the following acts i.e. to say.

1. To receive out share in the said amount lying with _____.

2. To give receipt and proper discharge to the Bank connection with the above amounts received on our behalf.

3. To execute Indemnity Bond and arrange for surety in respect of our share in the said amount received.

4. Generally to so all lawful acts necessary for receiving of the said amounts from the Bank.

And we hereby agree that tall acts, deed and things lawfully done by our said attorney shall be deemed as acts deeds and things done by us personally and we undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever that our said attorney shall lawful do or cause to be done for us by virtue of power hereby given and that no binding on us.

In witnesses where we signed this deed on this _____ day of _____.



Replacement of Power of Attorney Format








Application for submission of a fresh power of Attorney to remove the technical mistake i.e. ____ Instead of ____ in the Power of Attorney filed earlier with the above said complaint.


1- That the above noted complaint is pending before this Hon’ble court and is fixed for ____.

2- That as General Power of Attorney holder of ____, the complainant filed a complaint under section ____ of the ____ Act on ___ against ____ accused/respondent in the court of ____ the then ___

3- That due to the oversightness or by typographical mistake the name of the company was mentioned as ____ instead of ____ in the Power of Attorney dated ____ which was registered on ____ but when it came to the knowledge of the complainant he got a fresh General Power of attorney from _____. So it is a technical mistake kindly allowed the complainant for submitting the fresh General Power of Attorney in the present complaint.

4- That in the interest of justice the complainant it is necessary to allow the applicant /complainant to replace the fresh Power of Attorney in the above said complaint so that the complainant may not suffer irreparable loss.


It is, therefore, prayed that the applicant may kindly be allowed to submit a fresh Power of Attorney in place of previous one and further allowed that it should be read in the evidence i.e. ____ in place of ____ in the interest of justice.

Dated _______                                                                                              APPLICANT/COMPLAINANT