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Whether laws of Sedition have any place in a Democracy or should it be Repealed ??

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  Kanhaiyya Kumar, young student leader from JNU Delhi, hailing from a poor family in Bihar is the latest victim of the charge of sedition. News reports suggest that the police has no record to show that he shouted any anti-national slogans. Yet he was arrested and put behind the bars. During the past two […]

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Privy Council

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Miss. Priya S. Dhanokar Synopsis: 1. Introduction 2. Origin of Privy Council 3. Constitution of Privy Council 4. Appeals to the Privy Council 5. Abolition of the jurisdiction of Privy Council 6. Role of Privy Council 7. Drawbacks of Privy Council 8. Conclusion   Introduction: If we overview the history of Indian Legal System, it […]

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