Format of Issuance of Foreign Demand Draft

Format of Issuance of Foreign Demand Draft

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatThe Branch Manager,
_________ Bank Limited
_________ Branch

Dear Sir,

Subject : Application for Issuance of Foreign Demand Draft / Foreign Outward Remittance

Currency & Amount

Beneficiary Name, Address & Account No. / IBAN

Beneficiary Bank Name, Address & SWIFT / Sort Code Purpose of Remittance
Foreign Bank Charges OUR / BEN / SHA

We would like to purchase / remit _______________________ as above. In this context, we declare that the captioned transaction does not involve and is not designed for the purpose of any contravention or evasion of the provision of the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 or any rule, regulations, notification, direction or order issued there under.

The required A2 form, duly filled in and necessary documentary evidence in support of the said purpose are enclosed.

We request you to debit my/ our EEFC / RFC Account No.__________________________ for _________________ and the balance amount to my/ our INR Account No. __________________ along with your charges.

Format of Cash Remittance

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatTo,

The Branch Manager,

Subject: – Cash Remittance

Respected Sir/Madam,

As per telephonic conversation we are remitting rupees ___________/- through our designation _________(Name)  signature is attested below. You are requested to credit our _______ Account through NEFT/RTGS /Issue a Bankers Cheque in favor of “_______ Bank” /credit our Branch Adjustment-_______ Account (for _______Bank Branch only) against this remittance.

For NEFT/RTGS- our Code is _______and our Account number is _______.

Thanks and Regards

Authorized Signatory

_______ Bank
_______ Branch
Contact No. _______