Format of Application for Search Report for Property

Format of Application for Search Report for Property

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatTo,

The Manager,
_____ Bank, Branch at _____
District _____

Subject:- Legal Opinion – cum – search report in respect of property in the name of _____, son/daughter of _____, resident of _____.


I have personally examined the documents and records of the above referred property and after due considerations certify:-
That I have examined the record of the office of Sub- Registrar, _____ for the past _____ years and found that the property is free from all sorts of encumbrances.

  1. That the property stands in the name of _____, son/daughter of _____ in the revenue _____.
  2. That there are no claims of minors in the property.
  3. That as per Jamabandi for the year _____ in the revenue record of _____. I certify that _____, son/daughter of _____ is the owner in possession from _____ of the _____ land as mentioned in the search report. His/Her name is also recorded in the column of ownership in _____ as owner and in the column of possession and _____ of the said _____ land. He/She is coming continue owner in possession of the _____ land i.e. described in the para no. ___. The chain of title is complete for the past _____ years in all respects .
  4. That _____, Resident of _____ has free and marketable to the property.
  5. That there is no impediment for creating the mortgage.
  6. That the title deed in favoring the present owner detailed in the paragraph no.1 is clear and marketable and fit for accepting the same as security by way of mortgage.
  7. That the property has not been acquired under land acquisition Act, _____ and no notification giving the intention of the acquisition of the said property has been issued.

It is, certified that _____, son/daughter of _____, Resident of _____ is the owner of the property mentioned below having valid and marketable in the title in the property.


That the applicant is absolute owner in possession of the _____land bearing _____, total measuring _____ the applicant is owner of _____, which is situated in the revenue _____.

Copy of Receipt No. _____ dated _____

Yours faithfully,
_____, ADVOCATE ____