Uniform Civil Code- Making India more Civil

India is a land of a variety of cultures, religions and customs, the only country in the world which has succeeded in embedding such diversity in it even after 66 years of its unification. This could have only been possible by its principle of unity in Diversity. But this unity has long been overrated as […]

Goa Civil Code

By : Saloni Vichare & Chirayu Biyani ABSTRACT   The requirement of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in a country like India with diverse communities and customs has been argued and debated upon from time to time. Personal Laws based on religions, castes, etc. in India have occasioned into a conflicts. Uniform Civil Code indicates the ideas of […]

Uniform Civil Code: The Dormant Law

Prof. Annam Subrahmanyam and Mohan Rao, Bolla Introduction The High Court of Kerala in Agnes alias Kunjamol v. Regeena Thomas, has been confronted with a peculiar question of which the law has been dormant. It has, inter alia, reference to a long awaited issue of enactment of Uniform Civil Code. Despite the Constitutional mandate by […]