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Application Format For Permission To Open The Premises After Breaking The Lock

Application Format For Permission To Open The Premises After Breaking The Lock


_________ VERSUS _______

Application for permission to open the premises after breaking the lock


The applicant/D.H. most respectfully submits as under: –

1- That the above noted execution is pending before this Hon’ble court and is fixed for today. On ________ the Hon’ble court was on leave and the court bailiff has submitted his report stating that the premises are lying closed and there is chance of quarrel.

2- That in compliance to the orders of this Hon’ble court the bailiff reported that while executing the warrants of the possession the premises are lying locked hence the possession could not be delivered to the decree holder.

3- That the judgement debtor intentionally locked the premises to avoid the execution of the warrants of the possession ordered by this Hon’ble court.

4- That the applicant is under the impression that there are the chances of some quarrel at the spot at the time of opening of the locks hence he requires the police help at the time of opening the lock of the premises.

5- That the applicant wants to get proponed the above noted execution petition for today so that the further proceedings in the execution may take place and the warrants of possession could be executed upto the date fixed.

It is therefore, prayed that the above mentioned case may kindly be heard today and the permission to open the lock of the premises may kindly be granted and it is further prayed that police aid may also be provided to the decree holder/applicant for execution of the warrants of possession.

Dated 21-07-2007 Applicant/Decree Holder

Through counsel :
_________, Advocate, ________

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