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Man acquitted in honour killing case

Man acquitted in honour killing case

Due to lack of evidence, a Muzaffarnagar court today acquitted a man accused of killing his sister at Kidwai nagar, in a suspected case of honour killing.

Additional district sessions judge, Ghanshyam Pathak acquitted Majid, accused of killing his 21-year-old sister, saying that the prosecution had failed to prove charges against him.

According to the prosecution, the victim, Khushnuma was shot dead by her brother in her sleep on August 22 last year. The victim’s father, Sharif Ahmed had lodged an FIR against his son, accusing him of committing the crime.

During the hearing, all witnesses had turned hostile.

( Source – PTI )

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A few question arise. 1. Who killed Khushnuma? 2. Why were the alleged culprit with te killer weapon taken in instant custody and the finger prints on the weapon matched. 3. The killer weapon ad the fatal bullet fired could have been matched forensically. 4. Was father who reported the murder the only witness recorded in the FIR 5 The witnesses turning hostile should be made a cognisable offence as they act like abettors and accomplices and may have accepted illegal gratification. Police should interrogate them not passively but pro- actively. It is a blot on the Police Investigations who… Read more »