A Comparative Analysis of Patents, Copyright and Trademarks

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   PATENTS COPYRIGHTS TRADEMARKS  The Relevant Indian Law. The Patents Act, 1970. [As amended by the Patents (Amendment) Act, 1999,2002 and 2005 The Copyright Act, 1957. The Trade Marks Act, 1999.   The Relevant Rules. The Patents Rules, 1972. [As amended by the Patents (Amendment) Rules, 1999, 2003, and 2006. The Copyright Rules, 1958. The Trade… Read more »

Copyright And Patenting of Software: Position in India

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STATUS OF SOFTWARE PROTECTION IN INDIA GENERAL In India, software has traditionally been protected under Copyright Act, 1957 as software programme. Computer software, also known as computer programme, has a market value and is subject to fierce competition due to a shorter life circle and the potential danger of blatantly being copied or developed by… Read more »

A Gross Copyright Violation by Photocopying Of Entire Books : A Socio-legal Study

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By Sk Jahangir Ali Introduction The photographic copying of books and other materials is a modern technique that started at the beginning of the 20th Century by the advancement of science and technology. Since then, photocopying has become the most popular mechanism of physical reproduction of documents, materials etc. Direct reproduction of the entire work… Read more »