THE RIGHTS OF JOURNALIST Author: Tanya Raj   What is the extent of the right to gather news? The question arises on a daily basis for journalists around the country.Reporters and photographers are told by police that they cannot enter a crime scene, are threatened with arrest for not moving where police order them to […]


ANCIENT LAWS Author: Tanya Raj Introduction:-For man to be able to live in a society there must be laws that govern man. If these laws cease to exist, then there will be chaos. This concept of law has drawn the attention of different scholars over time, such as Plato, Aristotle, The Stoics, Aquinas, to mention […]


CORPORATE   GOVERNANCE –  CHANGING   DIMENSIONS By  RoumitaDey. (BA.LLB, Fourth  Year,Jogesh  ChandraChoudhuri  College of Law, Kolkata)   Abstract Corporate Governance in India has seen a paradigm shift and has been posing new set of challenges to the top echelons of management in various organizations including organizations from the financial sector. The increasing stringencies and tighter regulatory […]


DOCTRINE OF ULTRA VIRES-EFFECTS AND EXCEPTIONS (Author : Advocate Geetika Jain) CONCEPT  The object clause of the Memorandum of the company contains the object for which the company is formed. An act of the company must not be beyond the objects clause, otherwise it will be ultravires and, therefore, void and cannot be ratified even […]

Critical Analysis of Sexual Harassment under IPC

Critical Analysis of Sexual Harassment under IPC INTRODUCTION The terms sexual harassment has been defined as – an unwelcome sexually determined behavior (whether directly or by implication) as: a)      Physical contact and advances; b)       A demand or request for sexual favours; c)       Sexually coloured remarks; d)     Showing pornography; e)      Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or […]

FIR:At a glance from the view point of Indian Evidence Act, 1872

FIR:At a glance from the view point of Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (Author: Debaditya Roy)   What is FIR? The expression ‘FIR’ is the abbreviated form of First Information Report. “First Information” or “First Information Report” is not defined in Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, but these words are always understood to mean an information recorded U/s-154 […]

Death Penalty: An analysis

INTRODUCTION Death as a penalty servesa deterrent as well as retributive form of punishment.The retributive aspect of the punishment is meant to gratify the instinct of revenge or retaliation which exists not merely in the individual wronged, but also by way of sympathetic extension in the society at large. People will not be disposed to […]

Organised Vs Un Organised Child Labourers

Organised Vs Un Organised Child Labourers   Author: DR. SHAILESH N HADLI. BAL,LLB, LLM, PhD. RNPI School of Law & Justice “We are guilty of many errors and many faults but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life, many of the things we need can wait, The Child cannot. Right […]


MANUFACTURERS LIABILITY – Case Developments in UK,USA and INDIA   The Types of Defects and Liability of Manufacturers Product Liability Law (Defective Products Law) falls under personal injury/tort law. It refers to the claims against any parties along the chain of manufacture (designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers) of products which have defects that harm consumers causing […]

Interim Measures under Arbitration & Conciliation Act

Interim Measures under Arbitration & Conciliation Act (Author: Dr Shailesh N Hadli )  Arbitration and Conciliation Act is effective and inttergative part of Alternative dispute resolution system accepted universally. Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 repealed old Arbitration Act existing in India and incorporated law relating to domestic arbitration, international commercial arbitration and law relating to conciliation. The […]