Child Labor -An Enigma,Still Requires Introspection

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Adrish Guha Majumder ABSTRACT Taking a view of the present scenario of child labor in India, related laws and its shortcomings, the article deals with the subject of child labor which is an enigma now a days in India and in the world scenario. It introduces itself with the definition of child labor, its causes,… Read more »

Article 21: The Omnibus Article

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Broadly speaking, the doctrine of separation of powers has not been expressly provided for in the Constitution of India, the Suprema Lex, but less to say it can be made out from the scheme of the Constitution. Doctrine of Separation of Powers asserts the division of powers between the three wings of the state: the… Read more »

Independency Of Judiciary

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INTRODUCTION: The question was been asked by the framers of our Indian constitution that what would be the status of your judicial System would be and this was the answer given Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the following words: “There can be no difference of opinion in the House that our judiciary must be both independent… Read more »