Affidavit Format for Admission in Sports Training Centre

Affidavit Format for Admission in Sports Training Centre
Affidavit Format for Admission in Sports Training Centre

I, _________ aged_________ years_________ residing at House No_________
_________ do hereby affirm and undertake as follows:-

1. That my ward _________ , S/o Shri_________ , has been selected for admission to ________ Training Centre_________ and I have no objection to his admission. I further state that my ward and I will abide by all the rules and regulation of the hostel.
2. That I have fully understood the _________Training Centre scheme and here by agree that in case my ward do not take interest or violate any rules of the hostel or do not show any improvement in his discipline of sports during the monthly/ quarterly/ assessment by experts, he may be removed from the scheme .
3. That I undertake the responsibility of his good conduct and discipline during his stay in the hostel.
4. That I shall not withdraw my ward from the hostel unless/ until he is weeded out as a result of non- performance / non- improvement or on ground of indiscipline.
5. That I agree to reimburse the expenses incurred on him in case he is withdrawn by me from the hostel.
6. That I shall be responsible for all the loss/damages if any as sustained due to the fault /negligence or action of my ward.
7. That I agree to deposit a security deposit of Rs. _________ /- at the time of admission (if any).
8. That I am fully aware of the conditions working and nature of the activities at the hostel and as such I am admitting my ward to the hostel at my own risk and responsibility.
9. That I undertake to collect my ward on his weeding out/ termination at my own cost.
10. That I undertake during the stay of my ward in the sports hostel, if anything happens due to his misconduct and negligence during the training period I shall not claim any damages.
11. That if my ward during the tenure of hostel met with an accident out side the hostel while not in training I will not hold the management responsible.

What is stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and information.


Identified by me,
1st Class Magistrate


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