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Affidavit Format For Change Of Signature

Affidavit Format For Change Of Signature

I, __________ son/daughter/spouse of _____________ aged ___, residing at __________________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1. That I, Shri/Smt ___________, having signature now to be changed as copy of specimen is attached.

2. I am residing at the abovementioned address and have not changed my address in the past three years.

I am residing at the abovementioned address for the past (period of time at the present address) and before that I was staying at (the earlier address ) for (period of time at the earlier address).

3. That I have changed my signature.

4. I hereby affirm that after dated _________ all the signature done by me i.e. ________________ will be as no. 2 done on specimen copy attached with affidavit and any signature done with no.1 will not considered as minw.

I am executing this declaration to be submitted to the concerned authorities for the change of signature.

I hereby state that whatever is stated herein above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Solemnly affirmed at ________ )

On this ____ day of ______ 2004 ) (Signature of the Applicant)

Identified by me Before Me

Advocate S.E.M./ Oaths Commissioner/Notary

1. Affidavit should be on Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-.
2. Please do not just type this format as it is.
3. Affidavit should be attested by Notary/S.E.M/ Oaths Commissioner

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