Affidavit Format of Objection Execution

Affidavit Format of Objection Execution
Affidavit Format of Objection Execution





Objection on behalf of the Judgement debtor

Respectfully Showeth:

1- That the present execution petition of the decree holder is not maintainable in the present form because the objector/Judgement have never dealt with the decree Holder ____ hence the amount as involved in the present execution cannot be recovered from the judgement debtor.

2- That the impugned amount of ____ have never become due and payable by the judgement debtor to the decree holder.

3- That ____ had never been ___ of the ____ i.e. _____. Hence the present execution petition is liable to be dismissed.

4- That the present execution petition has been filed by the decree holder against unknown person rather he should have filed the present execution against the actual ____ of the Judgement debtor ____.


It is therefore prayed that execution petition of the Decree Holder may kindly be dismissed issuing directions to the ___ to implead the ____ of the ____ holder may not be read/taken into consideration. It is prayed accordingly.

Dated ____________                                                                                               Plaintiff.

_____ S/o ____, R/o ____

Through counsel:

____, Advocate, ____

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