An Overview Of The CCI’s Decision in the Radio Taxi Services Market

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Tanvi Kini Symbiosis Law School, Pune Background Over the past few years, there has been a sudden surge in radio taxi services market wherein Ola, Uber, Taxi for Sure etc. operate. The options for varied modes of transport poses as a threat to auto-rickshaws, taxi drivers and other transportation service providers in India. An exponential […]

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An Overview of Squeezing out of Minority under the Companies Act, 2013 Vis -À-Vis the Position in International Jurisdictions

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Tanvi Kini Abstract Squeeze outs demonstrate the power that majority shareholders in a company have to drive out the minority shareholders. It is a manifestation of the control of majority shareholders over the company. The minority shareholders are openly eliminated and are forced to accept the price determined by the majority for their shares. Although […]

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