Utraula Police Station, Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh

Utraula Police Station Balrampur Uttar Pradesh



Utraula Police Station


Uttar Pradesh


Phone no.:


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  • sean


    Dear India Brothers and Sisters
    I am trying to locate my roots. My granny came from Gonda Utraula – Utraula India to South Africa in August 1910 on the Umzinto XLIX. Her name is Batula or Batuli Shahali she was one year old. Her mum is Ramzani Achiq, she was 24 years old when she came to my country. Their Indenture numbers are Ramzani 145577 and Batula 145578. Please check if you can assist. My contact is seanj@dut.ac.za – +27 031 3735304 +27 0847277009 mobile – home +27 031 4091202.

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