Format of Affidavit Anti Ragging

Format of Affidavit Anti Ragging

(To Be Submitted By the Parents)

affidavitI, _________ Son/Daughter of _________ Resident of  _________, do hereby solely affirm and declare as under:

1. That my son / daughter Mr./ Ms. _________  is a student of _________  in its _________ Course / Programme.

2. That I have gone through and fully understood the _________ Regulations /Directive for _________  Measures in accordance with the _________ vide its _________ dated _________, on curbing the menace of Ragging, to be followed by all the students of various Universities / Institutions.

3. I assure you that my son / daughter will not be involved or indulge in any act of ragging that may come under the definition of ragging.

4. I have fully understood that in case my son / daughter will be found indulging or involved in Ragging within or outside the premises of the University, he / she shall be appropriately punished for which he / she shall be solely responsible. I or my son / daughter shall not hold liable the University or any of its officials for any loss (s), damage (s) and shall not claim any compensation from the University or its office bearers.



Verified at _________ on this _________ day of _________ that the above affidavit is true and correct.


Name: _________  Son/Daughter of _________
Address: _________
Contact: _________

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